Why Choose Paid Proxies Over Free Proxies?

If you think instinctively, there is a straight-forwarding answer to this question as with any services. A price tag attached to any service packs more benefits and a higher value over a similar service available for free. A proxy server’s primary job is to shield your IP address, provide anonymity, and enhance security during online activities–but there are massive differences between paid proxies and free proxies. To understand these differences, let us discuss them.

What are Free Proxies?

As the name suggests, free proxies are available to use for free and they help hide your IP to let you browse anonymously. There are numerous service providers you can easily find on the internet that provide free proxies for users. These do a fundamental job of hiding your IP address during your online activities and are not secure.  Users are easily traceable, personal or sensitive data is not secure, and users are highly prone to malicious attacks. Although free proxies provide the basic service for no cost and provide anonymity–the disadvantages weigh much more for availing these free proxy services. Let us dig in deeper.

Reasons to Avoid Using Free Proxies

The most ironic thing about a free proxy is that they are not actually free. Of course, you do not pay any money to use free proxies, but the price you may end up paying because of them might be massive! Data security and privacy is a major concern in today’s advanced internet age. Being casual about online security to save a few bucks might cost you heavily in the long run. Here are few reasons to avoid using free proxies:

Lack of Security

Free proxies offer literally no security, making users susceptible to malicious attacks and data breaches. There is no encryption–this means fraudulent people can easily access your sensitive information. Imagine your card information or personal data all openly available to access by anyone with wrong intentions. This can lead to data manipulation, destruction, and even data theft. You can also never be sure of who or how the server owner is. Considering these security lapses, free proxies seem like a risky gamble, to be honest.

Completely Unreliable

Consistency is of the utmost importance when using proxies. Particularly for businesses into massive data collection, an unstable or faulty connection can incur heavy losses. There is no paper-trail in free proxies, and you do not even know who the server’s host is. This means there is no-one accountable for you to reach out if there is a glitch or fault in connection. Such issues can be quite stressful and time-consuming to deal with – but they are imperative if you are looking for free proxy services.

Privacy Concerns

The primary reason we use a proxy is to shield our personal information while using the internet. Would it make any sense to use a proxy that in-turn puts your sensitive information at high risk and leaves you susceptible to a data breach? Free proxies never really aid your privacy because the service provider can easily access your data and easily track your online activity. Using services by an unreliable provider also means you are an easy target for data theft and device hacking.


Advertisements are an inevitable part of the digital world, and undoubtedly that is one of the primary sources of income for businesses and individuals. But it can be quite a nuance if the number of ads you see is three times more than usual. Many free service providers manipulate codes to increase load time and the overall number of ads you end up watching. Time is precious, and the sheer time one ends up wasting because of these ads sounds like quite a hefty price to pay to save a few dollars!

Malicious Attacks

Did you know there have been innumerable instances of providers creating free proxy services to install malware into your devices, making you prone to hacking and malicious attacks? Malware is tricky software that not only causes harm to your device by making it easily accessible for hacking and other illicit activities but is also extremely difficult to remove from your device. Think of the hole you will burn in your pocket to replace your device. You might have second thoughts about opting for free proxies to save money.

What are Paid Proxies?

Paid proxies are dedicated proxies aimed towards your particular needs. They come with a price tag, but they eliminate all the red flags of using a free proxy and enhance the speed and functionality. The ease of access is commendable and there is a paper-trail ensuring the provider is reliable and technically sound. Many paid proxy providers have informative FAQ sections to address your queries and round-the-clock customer support to help users with troubleshooting and technical glitches. For the nominal price you pay, paid proxies are of high value and totally worth the investment if you take cyber security seriously.

Advantages of Using Paid Proxies

Here are some major advantages of choosing paid proxies over free proxies:

  • Enhanced protection, privacy, and security.
  • Better anonymity while browsing the internet.
  • Reliable connections with high-speed access.
  • Sensitive Data and Personal information are safe.
  • Beneficial for mass data collection operations and commercial use.
  • No disruptions, annoying pop-ups, or ads.
  • Variety of options to fit users of every budget.

Making the Right Choice

Weighing the pros and cons of both free and paid proxies, you can make a well-informed choice about why paid proxies take the cake. It does not really burn a big hole in your pocket, and the features you get are totally worth it. Sure free proxies are easier to use and are a quick solution, but if you care about safety, privacy, anonymity and above all, looking for a reliable connection for the long run, investing in a paid proxy is a brilliant move.

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